We are always short of space and too many things make it all the more difficult to store things safely. You cannot discard all the items you feel you do not need at the moment, there are many things that can be used later or most things have emotional value attached to it which are difficult to dump away. So, it is obvious that there is constant need of storage space. Most of the people are renting out self storage units that are available at rental charges where it is possible to store extra yet essential stuff for a pre-decided duration. But with time, it is not easy to afford rental charges. It becomes costlier to pay the quarterly/monthly rent which when compared to the value of goods stored in a self storage unit is way too high. Hence, you can always use your garden shed as a storage space to store your additional stuff without much pressure on your pocket. This will not just ensure the safety of your goods, but you will feel satisfied that your goods are near you, not inside your home though.

Change your Garden shed to a storage space

Check around and you will see a lot of space left un-utilized. Though your garden shed stores all the garden equipment (big and small) but there is more than 50% of the shed left empty. You just have to organize things properly. A huge cabinet with drawers and shelves can be helpful. Drawers can be used to store smaller garden equipment like trowel, pruning shears, scissors etc. while bigger tools like rake, garden hoses etc. can be placed on shelves. Huge machinery like lawn mover can be kept in a corner thereby leaving enough space within the garden shed to place all the necessary extra stuff that you can’t throw away.

You can also create extra space by building an attic in the garden shed. You can use this space to store seasonal supplies and store stuff in boxes which can be kept at the attic. So now you have enough ground space to keep things that are heavy and huge. Moreover, fixing hooks on the door can be used to hang lighter things to save space.

Finally, throw away the things that you really do not need. Though it would be difficult to do away for some “essential” things, but is better to discard than to leave in the storage unit for rusting and wearing off. You will feel lighter too!